École Nationale Supérieure des Ingénieurs en Arts Chimiques et Technologiques





ENSIACET is an Engineering School. It belongs to the Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (INPT), which is considered as University for international matters.

Nevertheless, the system in the Eng. Schools is very different from that of traditional universities.

There is a reduced number of students (220 per year in ENSIACET, 5 Departments) based on a competitive system:

First, after High School, only the best students are allowed to enter the so-called
« Classes préparatoires ». During 2 years they follow, in a different institute, a very hard training in Maths and Physics. At the end there is a national concourse to enter the Engineering Schools.

Therefore we teach only the 3rd, 4th and 5th years necessary to obtain the French Engineer’s degree, which is higher than a BSc and practically equivalent to a MSc (but without deliverance of master degree).

French Engineers are highly appreciated in industry and they are easily allowed to enter a PhD program in France and abroad.


In French, when you pronounce ENSIACET, the «ACET» part sounds the same as «A7»

In the figure above, we can see that a student that finishes the 2A year in ENSIACET, has a 4th year level, equivalent to BSc.

During our 3A year (equivalent to 5th year), the students of the 5 departments follow one of the 13 Specialization Programs, regardless of their department of origin:


ENSIACET is in the INP Toulouse campus, which has brand new facilities :

  1. Puce self-service restaurant,

  2. Puce sports facilities

  3. Puce cafeteria

  4. Puce library

  5. Puce nursing

However, the housing facilities are not in this campus :

  1. Puce Résidence Labège (1 km)

  2. Puce Cité Rangueil (5 km)

  3. Puce Cité Ponsan-Bellevue (5 km)

  4. Puce Cité Estudiantines (5 km)

  5. Puce Résidence Daniel Faucher (8 km)

(see the Practical guide for more info on lodging)

Public transportation :

Bus n°79 (stop INP)
Minibus n°108 (stop INP)
(both connected to subway stations)


Courses are organized in Units (UE). In a semester there are 4 or 5 UEs within a fixed program (there is no choice for French students). One semester makes a total of 30 European credits (ECTS).

Because of the « Classes Préparatoires » system, our students in 1A have strong skills in Mathematics, which allow to concentrate in 3 semesters the whole Engineering program of one Department.

See the ENSIACET Syllabuses../foreign/syllabus.html
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