Calendar 2013-2014


Deadline for submission of dossiers for incoming exchange students for autumn semester : 31 May 2013

First semester (autumn) starts on :

  1. -1st year (1ATC, all departments): Monday September 2nd (ends: January 31st)

  2. -2nd year (2A1S, all departments): Thursday September 5th (ends: January 31st)

  3. -3rd year (3A1S):

  4. -   Génie de l’Environnement GE: Tuesday September 10th

  5. -   Fluides et Procédés FP: Monday September 16th

  6. -   Eco-énergie EE: Monday September 23th

  7. -   All the other 3A programs: Wednesday October 2nd

  8. -   They all finish on February 28th.

The meeting point will be at INP-ENSIACET 8:00am
(except for 3A-GE, students must go to INP-ENSEEIHT at 9:00am).

Second semester (spring) starts on :

  1. -February 3rd 2014 for 1st year (1A2S) and 2nd year (2A2S) students (ends: June 27th)